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Our Values

We believe integrity is more important than maximizing profits.

How we make our money is more important than how much money we make.  Any success that is not achieved ethically is no success at all.  Integrity is more than compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Being technically legal, is not the bar we are aiming for.  Our core values include integrity, respect, open communication and accountability.

We believe in treating respectfully people who make our business what it is. 

With our employees, our customers, our suppliers and vendors, we strive to conduct ourselves ethically, honestly, respectfully and in accordance with our code of business conduct.

We believe our values should be shared by our suppliers.

Our major supplier undergoes a third-party audit that includes documentation review, a site tour and management and employee interviews.  When auditors identify concerns, our supplier must produce a corrective action plan and demonstrate that corrective actions have been implemented.

We believe in giving back.

We believe in compassionate capitalism which makes “doing good” an integral part of “doing well”.  For every pair of glasses we sell, Flutter will donate $.50 to Canine Companions for Independence, up to a total of $50,000 in donations.