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About Flutter

The printing press and the light bulb

No list of the world’s greatest inventions is complete without mention of the printing press. But when founder Patti Lee-Hoffmann was approaching the age of 50, she found that her lifetime of perfect vision was no longer perfect for using the world’s greatest invention.

Under cloak of darkness, Patti visited her neighborhood drug store and turned the five-foot carousel of reading glasses. Even after three full rotations, not a single pair of glasses screamed out, “Buy me”. During the fourth rotation, she lowered her sights settling, instead, on the most benign pair. Alas, that pair was not available in the right magnification! Finally, instead of bringing home the Manolo Blahnik® of reading glasses, she brought home a functional pair of Crocs®.

Decked out in her seeing-eye Crocs, Patti tried looking for reading glasses online and was again unsuccessful. There were online stores selling reading glasses – some with hundreds and hundreds of pairs -- but it was too hard to guess about the quality of the glasses and, more importantly, to visualize which glasses would look best on her. To add insult to injury, reading glasses were required to look at all the densely packed sites.

When Patti discovered that many of her friends suffered the same disappointing shopping experience, the idea for Flutter was born.

The days when reading glasses were a purely humble necessity are long gone. Flutter reading glasses are little personalities just waiting to be put on. With our frames, you can slip on a whole new image. Flutter reading glasses can be instant sex appeal or instant stature or instant glamour, depending upon your mood. Just slip your eyes into them. And our reading glasses are fun to buy. There is a Flutter eyeglass that will perfectly frame the masterpiece that you are.

Flutter infuses a low technology product with high technology to enhance the buying experience. The “vision” was to create a website that offers our own elegant and affordable collection of reading glasses filter-able for different face shapes and sizes. Using the latest high and low-technology tools, our customers will know exactly which pair of glasses works best for them. By uploading her photograph, she can virtually try-on any pair. By cutting out the paper-doll version, she can try on a tangible pair.